Our Products

“Quality with rust-free technology” at most affordable price


Available in all sizes, this smooth, extremely durable and comfy object is accessible to move whilst providing you marvelous outcomes.


From chopping vegetables to slice down a meat into two pieces in a fraction of seconds, Jiyo knives can provide you ‘perfection amidst presentation’


From picking up a small thing fallen on the ground to get your eyebrows shaped-up in the parlour, tweezers will help you to avoid any chaos.

Lock & Key

Having that fineness with easily-grasping quality, it makes it to fit anywhere you wish to keep.

Safety Pin

Regardless of whether you have to bring gracefulness to your Saree or to instantly tieing up the torned corner of your dress, safety pin safes you from all the wreck.


These keychains produced by Jiyo not only holds firmness with great texture, it also has durable and rust-free qualities in it.


Nothing can be best than a manual toolkit produced by Jiyo which comprises of different bits amidst a common handle customized for hardware line customers.

Nail filers

This astounding item produced by Jiyo has a decent appearance inundated with rust-free covering on it.

Nail Trimmers

To provide that shape, we must have a clipper which is sharp and provides us finishing touch. Jiyo has brought you fine quality of clippers offered with unique designs.

Hand Sewing Needles

Sewing a button on shirt of a small businessman or designing a wedding couture for an actress to ramp on the stage, you need a sewing needle

Press Buttons

These press buttons manufactured by Jiyo seems like any other buttons yet inscribed with the best quality of metal and rust-free technology.