by DST is an Indian trademark in the industry focused on providing you the best quality utility home products to fulfill the necessity of your life. The idea to incept this plan is to provide you “quality with rust-free technology” at most affordable price.

It all started with the journey which begun in 2006 with importing toys in Indian market and gradually adding on a new vertical year by year. The journey was strenuous yet assisted them to lead a way to progress. We underlined to bring durability, comfort amidst style, everything covered in impeccable rust-free coating and available at affordable prices as we directly acquire goods from manufacturing plants of India and abroad nations.

Whether you need a perfect tailor-partner like scissors which helps you cut-off the thousand strings in a garment or chopping of any raw food item with a slicing knife or the tiny object which can provide you fashion lifestyle like sewing needle, everything you would find here at (DST GROUP LOGO ) inscribed in the best quality while fulfilling global guidelines.

We believe that home products make a deep impression on our psychological aspects and should not only complete the need of our customers; it must provide them eternity. Thus, we also offer keychains, lock & keys, safety pins, press buttons, nail filers, nail trimmers with a motto of offering “worthiness veiled amidst quality and style.”

Slowly and steadily, we are creating an imprint in the industry by spreading our wings all over India. Today, we are focusing on making the Yo Jiyo by DST, the best utility products provider brand in India and we are on the verge of it. The vision of  products is to serve the Indian market while meeting International Standards. Our proficient team of manufacturers, understands your needs, and assures you quality products.  In the endeavor, we have begun the process of ‘MADE IN INDIA’ to make it a complete Indian Brand. We also customize some products for our valued customers as per their tastes and preferences.

Our logo reveals the set of values that we abide by

The shades of red and white signify the red-hot iron and white signify the rust-free coating with best quality of metals whereas the use of black hue in the logo represents the sense of power, elegance and authority. Utilization of red and black hues on our packages provides them a prominent look and texture.

We hope to be your trusted resource, your indulgence & your necessity of life!