by DST is an Indian trademark in the industry focused on providing you the best quality utility home products to fulfill the necessity of your life. The idea to incept this plan is to provide you “quality with rust-free technology” at most affordable price.

Our Expertise


Cutting a cloth fabricated in thousands of strings can be difficult if you are not carrying a fine scissors. It might take you hours to slice that hard cardboard at your workplace yet, by bringing this immaculate sharp object can cut-short all the barriers of cutting or sewing. This product by Jiyo is inscribed with best quality with an advantage of rust-free coating. Available in all sizes, this smooth, extremely durable and comfy object is accessible to move whilst providing you marvelous outcomes.


It is said that, “Knife is the best friend of every individual who works in the kitchen” and you would definitely don’t want it to be your enemy. From chopping vegetables to slice down a meat into two pieces in a fraction of seconds, Jiyo knives can provide you ‘perfection amidst presentation’. Inscribed in best German quality, they have a sharp nature with appealing look. Available in various tones, they are smooth and accessible to use with durable qualities. The grip of these knives provides you firmness whilst grasping them and shields you from any injury too.


Lock is an essential thing that guards our treasure. Whether you are travelling or simply locking up your ‘Home Sweet Home’, lock can make you worry-free. Iron locks produced by Jiyo have engraved a unique securing technique in their products which lowers the chances of breaking it. The keys attached with the locks are designed with high quality iron with rust-free coating. They are perfectly designed to lock up travelling luggage or the treasure box at your home. Available in 20,25, 32 ,38,50,63 and 75 sizes, these are durable, soft, convenient and easily carriable. Having that fineness with easily-grasping quality, it makes it to fit anywhere you wish to keep.


Regardless of whether you have to bring gracefulness to your Saree or to instantly tieing up the torned corner of your dress, safety pin safes you from all the wreck. It is such a small item yet has an incredible role in our lives. These pins by Jiyo are not only durable and rust-free, yet it is comfy and controllable. With impeccable metal finish and nickel coating, it is ideal to devour anywhere. Each pack comprises of 1000 pcs of mixed pins, available in 0, 1 and 2 sizes. The qualities of firmness and flexibility in them, makes it easy to use.


All of the fashion we watch and follow, it has been provided by this incredible little thing. Sewing a button on shirt of a small businessman or designing a wedding couture for an actress to ramp on the stage, you need a sewing needle. Moreover, it’s the best partner of a sewer and definitely a best quality needle can stay longer with you. These products manufactured by Jiyo are designed in premium quality with the advantage of rust-free and nickel coating on it. Needles are packed up in air-tight pouches and are available in different types – Darner, Betweens, Crewels, Sharp and Capotera. The coating of best quality of nickel gives it an exceptional surface and strong grasping power.


Keys are such a small object that we can easily lost it somewhere yet, if we would have something that can keep this little object safe like a keychain, it would be much more easy to keep it. These keychains produced by Jiyo not only holds firmness with great texture, it also has durable and rust-free qualities in it. Available in unique designs blended with gold and black finishing, they are inscribed in the best quality of leather. The rust-free coating on each product provides it a luxe appearance with eternity. In addition, Jiyo offers their corporate clients to get these keychains customized by engraving the name of their firm on it. Thus, bring this impeccable product home and add some style to your lifestyle.


Become a professional by bringing this impeccable toolkit to your workplace. Regardless of whether you want to hung up a beautiful painting at the wall or tighten the loose wire in the electric circuit, you would need professional assistance. Nothing can be best than a manual toolkit produced by Jiyo which comprises of different bits amidst a common handle customized for hardware line customers. Bring this incredible choice to avoid extra expenses to be paid to the hardware professionals.


It’s completely your choice, which button you want to stitch on your formal or informal garments, yet press button provides you extra advantage of saving time, especially when you are in a hurry by getting it fit exactly where it meant to be, not like going completely messy with buttonholes. It provides you perfect appearance whilst not getting prominent outside. These press buttons manufactured by Jiyo seems like any other buttons yet inscribed with the best quality of metal and rust-free technology.


Nail filers helps you to enhance the beauty of your nails and keep them clean. The imperfection in the shape of nails leads to breakage of nails and definitely beautiful ladies don’t want that. This astounding item produced by Jiyo has a decent appearance inundated with rust-free covering on it. It can be kept in any atmosphere and has a firm grip which makes it an eternal choice.


The existence of nail trimmers was since decades when our ancestors used to scold us for trimming nails at night. Beside that myth, we all do it because we more than everything, we like to stay presentable. Thus, it has been inherited to our values that nails should be in an ideal shape. To provide that shape, we must have a clipper which is sharp and provides us finishing touch. Jiyo has brought you fine quality of clippers offered with unique designs.


From picking up a small thing fallen on the ground to get your eyebrows shaped-up in the parlour, tweezers will help you to avoid any chaos. It is so easy to use that a woman can shape her eyebrows herself. The tongs or pincers on tweezers must be sharp enough to satisfy your need. Jiyo brought up this incredible looking thing which isn’t just sharp, yet has a perfect quality of picking even the smallest item. The product is inscribed with rust-free technology which makes it fit to keep it anywhere.

Our Story

It all started with the journey which begun in 2006 with importing toys in Indian market and gradually adding on a new vertical year by year.The journey was strenuous yet assisted them to lead a way to progress.

We underlined to bring durability, comfort amidst style, everything covered in impeccable rust-free coating and available at affordable prices as we directly acquire goods from manufacturing plants of India and abroad nations.